Hard to insert or remove the uSD on VIM [Developers only]

Khadas VIM design with the uSD card slot under the HDMI port, this may bring some troubles to some developers including me, as developers might use uSD card a lot and itโ€™s a little hard to insert or remove the uSD card if a HDMI cable is connected. Some users feedback this issue to us and hope this will be solved on VIM2 :slight_smile:

And here, just post some tips that I can thought up to improve the problem: :smile:

  • Stick a tape on the tail of uSD card
  • Dig a mouth for finger at the HDMI connector




Cool. :slight_smile:

To cut cable I will not, and the tape on the SD card, itโ€™s an interesting idea. Iโ€™ll try it.

May be better to use this?