Green Screen is this the same as BSOD?

I think therefore I assume that I may have bricked my VIM2 and only Two Days Old. Tinker me not from now on…

Hello, Don’t despair. It may require a couple of things to recover.

One involves re-flashing the VIM2 with an image(Khadas firmware or third party ROM, like SCV1), using the USB Burning Tool. Official VIM2 Firmware can be found here…choose carefully to insure you pick a VIM2 firmware.

If that does not work for some reason, it may be necessary to put the VIM2 in to MASKROM Mode, using the VIM2’s M-Register contacts, scroll to “MRegister Mode(Maskrom Mode)” .
Disregard the photo showing contacts at that link, here is the M-Register contact location on the VIM2…

Good luck.

BTW Here is a tip for using the USB Burning Tool.

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Please explain on how to do this " Connect USB-C to USB cable to PC" in relation to VIM 2 with a helpful diagram please.

Apologies but I am very new to this board,
Can you not write a complete newbies guide to all things VIM2

Hello, No apologies needed, we all start somewhere. :slight_smile:
In my posts, when I stated USB male to USB male cable, I meant USB-C to USB male cable, I will correct my posts.

1.) Download the appropriate firmware file to your PC. Extract if necessary to end up with a *.img file. Note: If you want to end up with SCV3 to run Droidscript, you may want to start with his SCV1. Otherwise, the latest Khadas firmware is a good choice.
2.) Download and install the Amlogic USB Burning Tool.
3.) Open the USB Burning Tool and load the image in to the USB Burning Tool. Note: The second tab in the tool will let you choose English language for tool.
4.) Connect supplied USB-C cable to VIM2’s USB-C port.
5.) Press and hold the VIM2’s power button(power button is one closest to the VIM2’s front), keep pressing button, don’t let go…
6.) …while keeping the power button pressed, plug the USB cable’s USB male end it to your PC, continue to hold the power button until the USB Burning Tool indicates connection to the VIM2, once it does, you can release power button.
7.) Click the USB Burning Tool’s start button and you will see the tool report the progress and will indicate success when completed. Do not interrupt the flashing process. Once the tool indicates a successful flash, you can disconnect the VIM2’s USB cable from the PC, close the tool and connect the VIM2’s USB cable to the power supply. Some ROMs will take 6-7 minutes to boot after a flash, don’t be alarmed by this delay, be patient. If after 6-7 minutes, nothing seems to be happening, remove power from the VIM2 for a few seconds, and then return power to the VIM2 and it should boot to Android desktop.

Hope it goes well.
I am in the throws of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, not near my PC, posting links from my phone is a pain. If you need additional help, be happy to do it, but will be after I get the holiday behind me. :slight_smile:

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