Graphical performance on Linux for vim2

What’s the graphical performance on the vim2, was known from before that it doesn’t have 3D graphics acceleration. So im wondering how is the graphics performance and is it with it to get one when the graphics support is poor?

Its fine on Android, but on Linux it does not have hardware acceleration, which means any real 3D apps will struggle. You can install mesa GLES libs and they do provide a way to access the GPU features, but that relies on the CPU doing a lot of work, which can cause issues with overheating and stealing some of your CPU time. But it runs most of my test projects but very slowly. Which is a shame as it is a beast of a machine. I do a quick overview of it on my site.

If it had proper GPU drivers it really would be a fantastically powered system, I don’t know if any work is being done on that side though