GPU: Change frequency, could not find governor


I want to change the frequency of Khadas kvim3 device, using android os with kernel 4.9. First I check the directory:


But this directory does not include devfreq (nor governor nor freq_max). The content of this directory for me is attached in a screenshot. I also search all subdirs and other dirs but could not find it. Anybody could help me where I could find it?

Second, I try to compile the kernel with a new config to add governors, again I cannot find any config related to GPU devfreq (DVFS). Before I could even write a new governor for other boards(equipped with arm mali gpu) but here I cannot find config related to GPU governor at kernel compile time (using menuconfg). Anybody could help me find config related to GPU (mail g52) in kernel config?


Hello, @Electr1 has some experience with this.

ah, I wish I could help, but I’m in the same crux as to not knowing how to to tinker with frequencies on android myself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Ehsan its totally doable, I know that some apps are able to tinker with the system frequency, like kernel aduitor

I would also suggest checking this out:

FILE_GPU_CURRENT_FREQ = "/sys/devices/platform/pvrsrvkm.0/sgx_dvfs_cur_clk";
FILE_GPU_MIN_FREQ = "/sys/devices/platform/pvrsrvkm.0/sgx_dvfs_min_lock";
FILE_GPU_MAX_FREQ = "/sys/devices/platform/pvrsrvkm.0/sgx_dvfs_max_lock";
FILE_GPU_AVAILABLE_FREQS = "/sys/devices/platform/pvrsrvkm.0/sgx_dvfs_table";

excerpt from here

best of luck!

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