GPIO voltage levels

I’ve been looking through the Edge schematics and other documents. I’d like to work out which Edge fingers / Edge V pins are 3.3V, which are 1.8V and which are the weird 3.0V ones. This isn’t documented anywhere as far as I can see, although the schematic shows clearly which SoC lines each finger/pin connects to.

Is there a good place to look to get a list of which RK3399 GPIO/SPI/I2C/etc. lines are which voltage? I assumed I could find this info somewhere in the RK3399 data sheet or TRM, but I couldn’t locate it when I browsed through.

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Edit: the answer here is clearly colour-coded on the schematic for the Edge: red is 1.8V power domain, light blue is 3.3V, and dark blue 3.0V. I should have printed it out in colour not monochrome when I read it!

This is similarly shown on the Edge-V schematic, where a mix of 1.8V and 3.3V GPIO is brought out on the 40-pin header, colour-coded in red and blue respectively.