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Dear Sirs,

How can I install Google Chrome browser in Mate Ubuntu ?

Thank you in advance.

@numbqq follow up a instructions/steps for Chrome Browser.

Many thanks for your quick response. Gouwa, I have sent a question to Nick if it is possible to install Google Chrome in Khadas Mate Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks.

Hi bengt,

It is easy to install Chromium in Ubuntu Mate.

$ sudo apt-get install chromium-browser


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Many thanks Nick for your advice above. Since I want to run “Line” a social communication application on “Google Chrome” which can not be run on Chromium. Is there any other way(s) to install Google Chrome instead of Chromium on our Khadas Ubuntu ?

Many thanks for your guide and patient.

Hi bengt,

It seems that Google Chrome is not available on arm architecture.

Do you mean LINE?

I’m not sure whether this is what you want.

Yes sir, This is “Line” the application that I use to socialize with friends while working on Ubuntu. Hopping that one day in the near future someone will be able to install “Line” in ARM64 archithet.

Hi @bengt,

The screenshot is LINE in Chromium. You can install chromium-browser and add LINE extension.
Good luck!

Thank you very much. Everything is working perfectly as you suggested, Nick !
Many thanks once again.

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