Gnome support for Edge V with mainline linux?

Hi, I’m trying to install a gnome desktop environment on the Edge V. I’v tried using xfce, lxde, mate and server images, with the most recent mainline kernel, as starting points. But when I log into a gnome session from lightdm, it always reboots the board. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very greatful. I’m hoping gnome or ubuntu-desktop will give better touch support for use with the TS050.

Gnome de is the heaviest of all de. And idk if it will have a good performance on any arm board at the moment.
As when I test gnome on intel celeron it lags so much that its almost unusable. That’s why most sbc provide either lxqt or xfce as both are light as compared to gnome. Ive tried kde on vim1 and the experience was good but not smooth. Also edge is similar to pinebook pro which will have rk3399 even they are not focusing on gnome but only xfce or lxqt. As without the hw acc the graphics will be too heavy for the arm processors to process.
I hope this information helps you understand why no one is focuing on gnome for arm.