General issue for new developer


I just started developing android VIM3 this month.
I have no idea how to continue in the below issue.

  1. How to set the static IP?
  2. How to feed the video into the hardware decoder?
  3. How to start my app automatically once I power on the unit?
  4. How to hide the toolbar(the bar with the home button and volume control)?
  5. Can I remove the android logo when I power on the unit or put my own animation to replace it?

I am sorry give guys so many question at the time. because I can’t find the developer guide.

I don’t know answers of the other questions,
but of the ones I know…

I believe there is setting for this, you can make it to be hidden, and it will pop up when you touch that part of the screen…
but generally inside apps it will get hidden…

the boot animation is located in system/media/.. location, its called, and yes you can replace it if you can get a custom one, or you know how to make your own

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Could someone answer my questions? thanks.

Hello @Terry @goenjoy @jasonl

Please help on this.

  1. You can set the static IP on Settings menu
  2. It’s standard android API, you can search it by google
  3. You need to change the source code of your applicaiton, you can search it by google
  4. You can hide the toolbar on Settings menu
  5. You can change boot animation with adb command
    # adb root
    #  adb remount
    # adb push   /system/media/
    # adb shell sync
    # adb reboot  
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