General issue for new developer


I just started developing android VIM3 this month.
I have no idea how to continue in the below issue.

  1. How to set the static IP?
  2. How to feed the video into the hardware decoder?
  3. How to start my app automatically once I power on the unit?
  4. How to hide the toolbar(the bar with the home button and volume control)?
  5. Can I remove the android logo when I power on the unit or put my own animation to replace it?

I am sorry give guys so many question at the time. because I can’t find the developer guide.

I don’t know answers of the other questions,
but of the ones I know…

I believe there is setting for this, you can make it to be hidden, and it will pop up when you touch that part of the screen…
but generally inside apps it will get hidden…

the boot animation is located in system/media/.. location, its called, and yes you can replace it if you can get a custom one, or you know how to make your own

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Could someone answer my questions? thanks.

Hello @Terry @goenjoy @jasonl

Please help on this.

  1. You can set the static IP on Settings menu
  2. It’s standard android API, you can search it by google
  3. You need to change the source code of your applicaiton, you can search it by google
  4. You can hide the toolbar on Settings menu
  5. You can change boot animation with adb command
    # adb root
    #  adb remount
    # adb push   /system/media/
    # adb shell sync
    # adb reboot  
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what tools do we need to change boot animation or logo
i have used costumation tools it was not a success and tried also adb after developer it say # cannot be found what are the tools is there a tutorial video how to do so for vim3l

@Devil to change the boot animation, you need your and platform tools

unzip the platform tools and copy the bootanimation to the same directory of the adb tools

then do the steps provided by @Terry

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oh yessss i have insert # i thought its a must
thank you i will give it a try and let you know

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i did exactly as the instructions you recommended i am not seeing the android boot animation but see freaktalab android tv wallpaper and then 2 seconds of my boot animation video
so what do you think it is wrong?

@Devil if using ADB is hard for you, you can do it manually

  1. download a root file explorer (I recommend ES file explorer)
  2. download the you want to use
  3. replace the system one at /system/media/ with the one you downloaded (copy and paste at the location)
  4. reboot the device to see the changes.

if it still doesn’t work properly there could be problems with your
you can share the file and I can check if its properly made


while copying in ES file explorer i received this message ( is read only can not copy)

you have to change permissions for it from read only to read, write and execute, that should fix it.

there is no tick next to read only do you think if we removed the wallpaper freaktabeat it will work because this wallpaper is taking around 60 seconds and maybe in this while the video is working

you’ll have to remove the old one obviously to make it work, the android system just reads anything that is called, so the name matters, you can rename the old bootanimation to or something

hi electr1
im still strugguling same issue while copying and pasting the bootanimation i tried to change the original built in it cannot be change (no permission) and there is no tick for the file to be read and write not even read only
do you know the steps how at least change boot logo (Khadas) and remove supercelion ATV start up
maybe i need to remove them all so the video can play
when i tried the adb the file has been pushed when you turn on the vim Superceleon wallpaper appears for 12 second and then my bootanimation starts for only 2 sec
so the timming

@Devil here is just some video I found that shows how to change the permissions, I would have made a video myself, but I am quite busy at the moment.

try this to see if you are able to modify the file, this is the exact method I took for replacing the bootanimation on my device, so I am sure it will work.

best of luck!

thank you i will check it up and let you know

i have tried it worked but still couldnt copy and replace it
now i am trying again with push ADB and i discovered this so what do you think its wrong
and the file size is 22 and not 18

@Devil as you can see the file location is wrong, you are pushing the file into the zip file (which is not possible)

you need to pull the first, in platform_tools delete that old, then copy your version of to that place

then push the file to /system/media/

this should work

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can you give me the format please
adb devices
adb root

i appreciate your time so much maybe thats why it wasnt working