FM radio for car?


Sorry I am new here.

I looking for custom android system for truck/bus, I need screen outside of other things, becouse there is no space for it as 1din or 2din radio. and android radios from china have everytime some problems with installed apps, no custom FW and many times some stupid apps killers or missing libraries…

I read some things about Khadas vim but i never find someone who use it with fm radio dongle or somethings as that…

Is here someone who use it as FM radio? I find some android dongles USB but there are for radio search or hear police frequency.
Exist something as FM radio dongle USB with app as android radio and posible to use with Khadas vim?

Thank you


I think you can do the same has i have for dvb-t.
Find fm usb dungle which is compatible with vim kernel. You probbably need to active kernel module and rebuild.
Next use tvheandend server to tune fm channel and stream it from vlc or custom app (i use a custom app with Exoplayer implementation).

Hello, Some USB HDTV tuners have an FM RX built in. For example, this USB tuner is said to work with Android and has FM. I have no experience with this particular tuner and cannot know if it would work for your needs.
Seems like a pricey solution for FM.