Flashing Official Volumio sd image to emmc : how to convert sd image to kresq image and flash to emmc

Hi @hyphop,

Please share a tutorial where we can convert the official volumio sd image to kresq image (so that it can be flashed to emmc)

This way the end-users can help themselves whenever a new version is put up by the volumio team. Official page link is given below:

Thank you in advance. :blush:


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Hello ! everything is not so simple there, there is a verbal agreement in which Hyphop will adapt Volumio for Khadas eMMC, he conditionally himself as one of the developers of Volumio turns out, in fact, his separate work, this is the final result. If I am wrong, correct.

Hello, Maybe something in the Khadas Git will help. I think hyphop mentioned a script that could convert standard Khadas firmware images to *.kresq files, not sure that has happened yet. Also not sure if the same or similar script could be used to convert other images to kresq.

@meprateek Maybe @hyphop can help you .

i m waiting some updates from volumio team - and after that i can generate new kresq images

but u can write this your sd image directly to emmc - (
just need start krescue system from sd -> after u can get easy access to internal emmc - via usb export (works automatically - just must powered by usb from same working machine )


Thanks @hyphop I appreciate your help.
@Frank kindly elaborate the steps please. I have a bit of difficulty in following through. Especially the part "via usb export (works automatically - just must powered by usb from same working machine )"
@tsangyoujun to the rescue please. :relaxed:
Thank you!

Anybody!!! Help!

PS: other solution if your machine and VIM device stay in one network u can write image directly by network from your machine to VIM device (sure krescue must be started before )

    curl -L http://krescue.local/shell/write | sh -s - YOU_IMAGE.gz 
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@hyphop saves the day yet again. Thank you very much.

its works?! i will be happy to ) improve volumio install service for khadas boards

Actually I spoke just too early.
curl -L http://krescue.local/shell/write | sh -s - YOU_IMAGE.gz flashes the .gz file but vim3 is unable to boot after that. :frowning: I guess SD card is the only way. Thanks anyway!

send me link to volumio image which are u used ! i will check what wrong

Here it is. Khadas VIM3 Volumio Image

To be compliant with the syntax I extracted .img from zip then gzipped it to create .gz file.
P.S I tried with .img file as well. Flashing was not successful.

sorry this way dont works )))

Volumio 3 was announced recently. Any chance to get it work on VIM3L device?

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i will check new Volumio soon, and confirm status later!

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VOLUMIO 3 maybe later plz check volumio forum Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions - Help and Support - Volumio

PS: at this we can test latest 2.857 from 2020-12-11 - wellcome to test - i had test it only with VIM3


The previous Volumio version, dated 29-Aug-2020 05:55:33, is working fine on the VIM3L. Only the resolution on 4k screen is not showing right, but never check how to fix.

Will test the newly provided version on my VIM3L and let u know…Thanks!

I don’t see any support for the VIM3L on Volumio, no images etc. That is a bit disappointing as I got the VIM3L specifically as a replacement for my (also unsupported Allo usbbridge).
Khadas sold me on the ides by advertisin VIM3L + TONE BOARD + VOLUMIO = HI-FI AUDIO PLAYER.
Now I have one, and it doesn’t work as there is no Volumio. Has anyone managed to get it to work?

There used to be an image out on Volumio that was usable for the VIM3L. It is NOT the latest Volumio 3 image though, it is an older version. I too bought the VIM3L & Tone board based on the advertisement of it being compatible with Volumio, but I do have it working with a Volumio 2 image. If you’d like I can see if I can find the instructions on how to get it working.