First impressions and some questions on VIM3L

Hi there. I recently bought a VIM3L board and flashed the latest build of Android.
So far I am quite happy with the performance however there are some issues I would like to address here

  1. It is not possible to change the UI scale (not the resolution) when using the TS050 touchscreen. The display itself is quite small and the text is very hard to read, icons are too small for a 5 inch display.

  2. The “sidebar” style settings menu is buggy, it always closes when pressing back key, even if you are in sub-sub-menus, so each time I have to reopen it. Wouldn’t it better to have the standard settings menu like in mobile phones or tablets or fix the closing issue?

  3. Lack of popular resolutions in the display settings menu. As you know in the market of HDMI touchscreens the most popular resolutions are 800x480 1024x600 for 7 inch and 1280×800 pixel resolutions for 7 and 10 inch display. There no possibility for selecting any of these popular resolutions in the settings. Thus a question arises. Any plans to add these in the settings as well?

  4. No case available which supports the TS050 display. It would be great if there was one which could have the display on the front and the board on the back. There are some 3d printable DIY cases available but it would be great to have a factory version.