First boot ok. After that, restarted when entering Android

I install VIM_Nougat_V171028 image on my vim, hoping that i would get the latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, it only works on the first boot. After that, reboot once i loaded android.

Also. how can I boot from sd installed with librelec? How long do i have to press the function button? are there any indicator?

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Hello, I have yet to try the new ROM. However, if you have not activated mult-boot again since updating firmware, that may be necessary to boot LE from SD card.

how do i activated multi boot?

Hi, syaifulnizamyahya:
Confirm with you with following:

  • You upgrade your VIM1 with the latest ROM: VIM_Nougat_V171028
  • You install the LibreELEC ROM on a SD card
  • It succeed boot into LibreELEC first time, but when reboot, it boot into Android

Am I right? And can you describe the steps you did with more details, for example:

  • the LibreELEC ROM version
  • the steps you install the LibreELEC ROM on your SD card


I have fix endless bootloop by reflashing the rom again and again. But even when it doesnt boot loop, android crashes a lot. Sometimes it turns off.

Can you confirm again the spec of your DC adapter, a 5V 2000mA adapter is recommended for VIM2.

I use this to power my vim.

I use the high power port(there are 2 port with higher power)

I dont have vim2, only vim.

Throw it in the trash this junk, it does not even 1A of the stated 1.2A. If you want to use VIM you need a good power supply > 1.5A.

Do you have any recommendation? The device i bought is quite expensive. I thought it serves my needs.

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