Firmware upgrade. what file to use?

I’ve downloaded the latest firmware

However there is 2 img file inside the zip file.


Which one am I suppose to flash if I’m doing it via windows 10? Currently I’ve flashed both them sequentially first with the dfu followed by the flash.

Please advise

Thanks !!!

I suppose the answer could be in this post:

However, I am not exactly sure about the meaning in different situations myself… :-/


I’m not too sure what’s the 2 scenario mention means. Could anyone advise the difference between the 2 FW.


Hello, I read something that talked about the difference between the two files, is how the device shows up. In one case, the board displays as Khadas Tone. In the other case, it shows up as a generic(unbranded) named XMOS sound device, so makers/developers can brand their own projects. I don’t recall which file does which.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to find where it was discussed. If I locate it, I will post back.
Until I find it, I am not 100% on this. :slight_smile:

I see the post I looked for was already posted by @wanthalf :rofl:, here.
"3.If XMOS’s Flash already has firmware, they can be used to upgrade.**The difference between them is that the 【DFU firmware】 displays 【Khadas Tone Control】 name, while the 【Flash firmware】 does not display our name for ODM consideration.**

Using either file assumes the Tone Board already has a firmware installed as these are updates, not complete firmwares.

Both【DFU firmware】and【Flash firmware】are the same functions but the device name.
【DFU firmware】It’s for users who already have TB and are working normally those can use DFU files to upgrade to the latest features and fix previous bugs.
【Flash firmware】It’s for all those DIY users who might have broken all of their flash files. It’s complete firmwar.
In order not to misunderstand these firmware, we will remove 【Flash firmware】.For most users, DFU is sufficient.

Thanks @Ben007.

For the time being I’ll keep the ver 1226 Flash firmware

ok, I’ve just flashed Khadas_Tone_Board_dfu_1226.bin on my generic TB, now doing some tests (of the hardware volume…)

Are you hearing a 30-second evaluation beep?

no 30s beep here, what is this ?

Hello all!

I have this beep after some time plugged in ToneBoard, is this normal? And what does it mean EVAL in the name of drivers? Is there any Evaluation copy of the drivers only uploaded ?

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maybe your beeps do come from your source device, check again with another linux based source device

Did not try, but will.

It is the same “problem” mentioned here:

I’ve tried version of the FW, below is my observation

Before FW update

  1. Volumio not able to play DSD256. Max DSD128. when attempting to play DSD256 playback will be shuttering
  2. Roon is only able to detect TB is supporting up to DSD128

After upgrading [Flash Firmware]

  1. Volumio able to DSD256 with no shuttering
  2. Roon is not able to detect DSD playback capability.

After upgrading [DFU firmware]

  1. Volumio able to DSD256
  2. Roon able to detect DSD playback. Can play up to DSD256

Issues still facing
During DSD playback, there is sometimes a loud noise playback that lasted 1-2 sec. This happen on Volumio and Roon playback

those are problems happening only on windows

I can hardly agree with that. That is IMHO not a problem, but rather programmed, because it is too conventional. Waiting for the new drivers, to check them out.

Looking forward to seeing the firmware upgrade instructions for MAC OS, to get some of these fixes!

I see the beta is there now, good job Khadas!

Hi am running the new firmware with the old driver and seem to be free of the “tone”. Had the tone with the eval drivers.

Windows 7

The Tone is in the new 4.11 drivers. There is no problem with 2.24 drivers with slightly degraded quality.

I am waiting for 4.xx drivers without those tone!

There are new drivers available as of 19th of January. I am going to test it out!