Finally khadas vim2 max



almost two months to receive khadas vim2 max and the remote control.

I will be able to test it and have fun with it.

christmas a january 25th kool


Hello, Glad you got it, you have much patience. :slight_smile:
Lots of fun ahead. Merry Christmas. :smile:



Did you get that top" with fan included? Or purchased separately?

I keep mine open because havent put on heatsync and don’t have perfect fan yet.
Also, have Bluetooth /wifi “Antenna” pulled out because it seems the reception sucks…Anyone notice this?



what is white is a 2mm thick plastic plate two times. that I cut, to raise the fan that touches a chip.!
ordered here, but for vim1, vim2 pending.
it exists that the fan in the same shop.
even in 3.3v it is a bit noisy.
personally I think it has a good reception, wifi, bluetooth