Final VIM3 Ubuntu Features came when?

Hello Khadas team,
We would like to order 25 units VIM3, TS050, etc. for our pre-series project.
For this doing have we a few specific questions about the VIM3 pro / basic boards…!
Please give now concrete answers, because the time go so fast on…!
We are using the latest Ubuntu eMMC 4.9 … V20191231 version.
Qt5 Creator etc’s does not run on VIM3 boards …!
This is very bad, according to Qt at embedded world 2020 on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020.


  1. When will qt5 work error-free under Ubuntu

  2. When will TS050 and HDMI run in parallel and / or independently of each other

  3. When will TS050 Screen and Touch finally run in all four quadrants portrait and landscape modes (only Portrait is really only a joke)

  4. When will we get a usable WiringPi version, which works for all VIM3 GPIO’s functions

Thanks for answers





Yes, we just notice this issue, we will try to fix this.

Current stage only android can.

Does WiringPi can’t work?






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I now Khadas DOC’s and also the differently meanings and possibilities of
the 40 Pin Connector. At the moment we use our own self written “WiringVim3”!
But in future like we to use a standard like *WiringPi".
At the moment can’t we work with SPI lanes and UART on GPIO,
we use only the LINUXTX/RX Pins to communicate with our slave board
connected direct over the 40 Pin Connector.

Last, I’m German where is working in Norway! my Chinese is near zero,
will say, it’s not possible for me to read your text.

@numbqq, we started the discussion about GPIO-WiringPi and TS050 last year
in August, now is March 2020.
I know, tow independent monitors and Screen-Rotation works only under Android.
But to write this again, is now answer to my questions, please what ist your plane, your timetable.
For me is the situation like this for example:
You by for your company the newest Handy Modell, it has a wonderful and
perfect Design and the newest technology inside. Only one thing ist at the
moment not possible, you can’t communicate with the your Phone!

Qt5 is also helpful in future, please check it.


@kwklaus Could you clone the wiringPi with my github. I’ve added special features like I2C and SPI . Only the firmware of the next version will be updated .

@Frank, thank’s for your tip…!
only one question more, before I try it.
I was short on GitHub side and inspect the differently WiringPi…… files.
To use for example the SPI functions, it’s necessary to change the
I/O- GPIO registers to get the appropriate Pin functions.
Is this part of your WiringPi……
Thanks Klaus

@kwklaus If you need to use SPI, you need to open it in dts