Fenix VIM4 Debian12 image Fails to build (ubuntu too_

Hi All,

VIM4 Fenix image building… I download the latest codebase from the fenix repo - but it doesnt seem to make an image at all… it says ‘Completed’ but there are permission denied. I am within the Docker Container

config/functions/common-functions:download_rootfs_cache:700 Warning: Can't find rootfs cache checksum bookworm-server-arm64.668b7e1.tar.lz4.sha256 on server! Create it from scratch!
Info: Creating new rootfs for bookworm-server
Info: Installing base system - Stage 1/2
debootstrap --variant=minbase --include=locales,gnupg,ifupdown,apt-utils,apt-transport-https,ca-certificates,bzip2,console-setup,cpio,cron,dbus,init,initramfs-tools,iputils-ping,isc-dhcp-client,kmod,less,libpam-systemd,linux-base,logrotate,netbase,netcat-openbsd,systemd,sudo,ucf,udev,whiptail,wireless-regdb,dmsetup,rsync,tzdata,fdisk  --exclude=rsyslog 		--arch=arm64 --components=main --foreign bookworm /home/khadas/fenix/fenix/build/images/.tmp/rootfs-VIM4-bookworm-server/ http://httpredir.debian.org/debian
/usr/sbin/debootstrap: 1638: cannot create /home/khadas/fenix/fenix/build/images/.tmp/rootfs-VIM4-bookworm-server/test-dev-null: Permission denied
E: Cannot install into target '/home/khadas/fenix/fenix/build/images/.tmp/rootfs-VIM4-bookworm-server' mounted with noexec or nodev


Wed May  8 02:18:43 PM BST 2024
Time elapsed: 2 min 0 sec


debootstrap does not work on Encrypted filesystems. In my case, /home/ is encrypted. I build the code on another machine that was unencrypted.

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