Fan stop when vim off


It’s possible to stop the fan when the vim is off ?

Hello Juliocos,

IMHO yes… great on vim, is signal PWR_EN, what can be used for control a FAN. It’s available in GPIO header, pin 38. Together with PNP transistors/mosfet, and NPN transistors and few components…
T21 - NTF6P02T3G , T22 - BSS138


Thanx for your response but I think It’s a little complicate for me

unfortunately, there isn’t simple way, but I’m figure out another way, (but still required a little soldering)

  1. if you experienced from ebay that you can find that kind of board, called

PWM control Module 5V Fan Driving Module Motor

  1. connect that to +5V, GND and for input you needs brings wire from sys_led (solder-able in transistors). Output for FAN.

note: IMHO, unfortunately to use GPIO for SW control (like 39/PWM_F), will require a pull-up to permanent 3.3V and there isn’t permanent 3.3V on header, so when boards will shutdown, FAN will start rotate. That mentioned boards require to start FAN tide a signal IN to low. Somebody else needs to confirmed, if there is +5V tolerant GPIO.

so another options, cross finger that new generation of VIM will have small header with control of FAN, like you want :wink:

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Strange as when my VIM is switched off my fan is also switched off. VIM still plugged into USB with led Blue. What OS are you running on VIM?

I Have Android Nougat

If you connect to the pins on 3.3 V, then when you turn off VIM , the fan is switched off. If you connect to the 5 V supply, when you turn off it will work. The 5 V supply is constantly on each terminal while VIM is connected to conventional power supply. If you want to use the 5 V supply for the fan, then you need to use an external power supply, disconnect supply power to the VIM (e.g. USB hub with power button). By the way, if you modify the housing for the free passage of air and add the radiator, the fan speed when power 3.3 V is enough for normal operation, VIM even under load. The noise is minimal and the fan automatically turns on and off with VIM.

Hello gcvanasel,

you plug FAN into 5V(pin 1/21) or 3.3V (pin 20/40)? Because if FAN can be operate in 3.3V than FAN can be controlled by VIM. Will for sure, rotate less, but probably will be as well not so noisy. I cannot judge that, I haven’t this fan. Power supply should provide up to 2A, so probably there is some mA for fan too :slight_smile:

Hi Tomas,

My Fan is on the 3.3V the noise is not that much better. Currently I have USB going to an Adapter with 2A output and extra power provided from my TV that outputs only 500mA