Fan connection at 40pin connector

which pinouts can i use to power the fan…the one own the board is broke !

Not quite understand on this, can you specify more details on this?

And do you have any information of the cooling fan model you used?

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cooling fan 3004 for VIN2 heatsink / DIYcase…the SBC connector(for fan) is broken off …so which pins of the 40 pins would work best…pin1 or 5(5v) pin27(3.3v) to grd 5/9… an does the fan work off of Temp.

The 3004 fan can works both 3.3V or 5V voltage, so any power pin with a GND pin on the 40 pins GPIO will work.

But I just wonder why the fan header of your SBC is broken :wink:

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i broke it …pulling connector out …fan does not work i tried both board and pins nothing …will get another one

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Be note that our official ROM control the fan speed is by two GPIO, and the Power PINs on the 40 PINs GPIO don’t with speed control feature.

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do you have 1.25 to 2.54 wire converters ??