Factory reset or Hard reset

Hi Gouwa,

I would like to know if I done a factory reset or hard reset would I do any harm to my vim2 max and if I do a reset would it take it back to how I got it fresh out of box.

Hi MacThomas:
Sorry for the late response.

Basically, a factory reset will not.

What do you mean that hard reset?

Hi Gouwa,

The reset button on the side of the vim2, I’ve done a factory reset and it’s working excellent.

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Hi Gouwa,

I was having problems with google play store I couldn’t buy anything on there I got in touch with google this is the email I got back from them so this means it ain’t working properly on the vim2.
Hi Sean,

We’ve reviewed your account, and we’re afraid that your device, ‘Khadas’, isn’t currently supported for use with the Google Play Store app or with play.google.com.

Sometimes, a hardware manufacturer will use the free Android operating system on a device, even if that device doesn’t pass Google’s compatibility requirements for having the Google Play Store app installed.

In these cases, Google Play may not function correctly (or at all) on the device. For a complete list of supported devices, please check here.

If you have any more questions related to your device, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

The Google Support Team

Please someone help us I’m going out of my head hear I’ve been trying to increase my storage with a usb and Sd card and external hard drive but when go to transfer movies or files it fails every time it’s getting so annoying now I don’t know what to do I’ve tried to add extra storage on the vim2 and it will not work I’m hoping someone will get back to us tell us what to do I’m starting to think you can’t add extra storage on the vim2 because the sd card and usb and external hard drive have all failed do you know why this is.