Factory reset of VIM3L

I’d like to factory reset my VIM3L. I tried using the reset button on the right side, and like the pin out says, it only seems to reboot (a hung board, for example).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

@hoodafukisalice Is the firmware in your board Android or Coreelec ?

Hi Frank, it’s Coreelec

There is no one assigned for support to CoreElec.

Does anyone in Khadas know how to factory reset the CoreElec installation that comes default with the VIM3L HTPC kit?

@tsangyoujun, @Gouwa, @superceleron, @numbqq, @tenk.wang, @jasonl, @goenjoy. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

You can use Krescue to download and flash a fresh installation of CoreELEC to your VIM3L:

Here’s the Krescue image for an SD card:


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Thanks. Worked great!