F2FS broken in khadas-vims-4.9.y

It appears a bad merge has broken F2FS support:

For example, see:

  • missing bracket fs/f2fs/inode.c @ 396
  • duplicated field ‘is_meta’ at fs/f2fs/f2fs.h @ 1008

Resolving the above reveals further integration issues…

Is anyone planning to fix F2FS support?


Yes we will fix it
But another questions why u need this fs
Is fake from Samsung
Ext4 same better for android

Thankyou, we would appreciate a fix.

We have used F2FS in thousands of devices and have seen a large reduction in flash memory failures compared to EXT4/XFS etc. F2FS is designed for NAND flash devices with a flash translation layer, such as EMMC, MMC (SD card) etc and works better with the wear leveling algorithms to extend the life of the flash memory. F2FS also has better performance than EXT4.

Samsung originally developed F2FS. I don’t know why you say it is ‘fake’? F2FS is used by Google, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE etc. Google is a significant contributor to F2FS development (check the commit history).

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I don’t know why you say it is ‘fake’?

its was not very serious :wink: and situation changes every time some yeas ago i try it and its was fake

maybe in mainline kernel situation already better

btw: sure if u have good experience with f2fs its your choose

some additional info about f2fs