Extreme cooling help

So the new VIM heatsink and the 3705 fan combo isnt cutting it for me my boards dont run any cooler then around 40-43C at idle on the home screen doing nothing. Playing my game which runs it harder then anything else i do runs it up to 50 and thats when the auto cooling kicks on.

With the fan at the highest speed (super noisy) it only keeps it at about 44C

Im thinking of the larger passive sink and then getting some of those quiet premium Noctua brown fans they make for 3D printers

WHat i want to do is get a copper pad and use heatsink paste and do away with those gell pads which i think are the issue.

First ide like to try the copper pad with the new VIM sinks and the 3705 fan, before i move to the passive sink and the Noctua fans

What is the dimensions of the CPU? Does anyone know?

I dont mind the gel pad on the ram and memory chip but the CPU needs something better

My thought was use heatsink epoxy on the copper to the sink, but paste on the copper to chip that way i can still remove the sink.

I was tinking 1mm and 2mm thick but i dont know the exact dimension of the CPU

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Perhaps a new model of passive cooling will help you?

What does it idle at?

What temp does ti run at the desktop?

I don’t have it yet, but I already like it, in addition, you can use the metal bottom of the board with thermal padding

I think what you need is this

IIRC, it’s the Khadas backplate + thermal pad with a big heatsink on it. Take a look at the thread, they compare temps there and it makes a huge difference.

only he will have to make this product himself

I already have all the cooling things that Khadas has stock but the passive

All 4 of my cases has the metal plate and the 5mm gel pad so i have the cooling on both sides of the board with the vim sinks and the fan

I just cant get the temps any lower then about 40-43C

My other boards run around 28-30C at idle and under 40C running hard and they are whisper quiet i cant get any of the Khadas under 40C and they are ROARING with the fan on high

Now i will say they get quieter with the top cover off but it doesnt help the t

@Vladimir.v.v Actually you can find pretety cheap generic heatsinks, and with a slim thermal pad (which are cheap aswell) you don’t need to do anything else than a “sandwitch” haha

I did just that when the heatsink you’ve shown didn’t exist yet (only the half one for the fan), adding a 10x35x35mm heatsink that cost me 1€ with thermal pads, and the temperature didn’t become a problem anymore (don’t do 100% CPU usage tasks tho)

@BowerR64 keep in mind this is a 6 core board at 2,2Ghz and 1,8Ghz respectively, so it’s a beast for such a tiny SBC. To put a comparison, if you see Oodroid N2 (similar 4xA73+2xA53 chip from Amlogic) it comes with a giant heatsink as it needs a ton of surface to cool the heat.


:astonished: :astonished:
Are they attached with gel pads?

If i have to use gel pads im out

I don’t know if that’s a legit heatsink they were testing or just a heatsink + pads over the backplate. You should ask @tsangyoujun he will be way more helpful than me.

Anyway I’d rather use pads for passive cooling than a fan.

why do you need even less? it’s quite normal

oh i forgot about that thread, i searched cooling and couldnt find any post like that one

if you are talking about vim2, then for the s912 processor this is a great temperature, any person will tell you about it

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Because my cheap china boxes with crapp heatsinks off amazon run cooler doing the same tasks

Why do thy even run so hot? Im not doing anything different and the Khadas runs 10-15C hotter

If it wasnt a problem Khadas would of never come out with the passive sink so they are having issues also

Will the passive sink fit under the top cover?

Not IMO, i have another 912 board i gave $40. off Amazon u2c X turbo box and it runs 28C idle and 37C max running same program i run on the Khadas Vim2 and its almost 50C

Hi @BowerR64

May I know which SBC you used?

@BowerR64 you want extreme cooling, I give you the most extreme cooling :smiling_imp:
Here is the first option:

gee, You want to get cooler ?

Still want to get cooler ?
let’s toss some LN2 in the Mix :upside_down_face:

Tell which which way are you interested in ? :grin:

Saw an article where the SBC was submerged in cooking oil for cooling. But if I use the cooking oil for that, how will I cook my fries? :smile:


Mate, that is not cooking oil :rofl:, that is either Mineral oil or 3M novec,

Save some for an air fryer I guess :grin:, try it out, it definitely reduces the calories, helps you stay away from the gym, my suggestion is to lay of the fries, stick to peanut butter and celery sticks :crazy_face:


Yes, I kid. :smile:

I love peanut butter, celery too. But unfortunately, neither reduces my appetite for those fries. Her list of daily chores reduces my need for the gym. :crazy_face: