Extreme cooling help

Got an M2 stand off kit off Amazon

Go a head and laugh! :smiley:

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why laugh?, It looks beautiful mate :heart_eyes:

My only concern is that the fan is squished under that top cover, Is it having the necessary area open on top so air to get sucked in ?

it probably has a reverse acting fan

That fan must be from noctua as they use that color for their products.

Super quiet is it?

whatever it may be, Axial fans need a lot of clearance for the Intake and exhaust, this is because of low pressure and High airflow they produce, You could understand that’s why in my setup the fan top is left open…

Otherwise it causes stress on the Fan motor and the result is no proper airflow and a strange but scary squeal coming from it which means your expensive sound-proof cooling fan has gone rogue :hear_no_evil:

no matter how it is, but Khadas, provided a top cover for the case, which in turn assumes a fan, technically, for heat dissipation

Yes, It seems this was in mind while in design

Anyone measured the distance between the gpio pins and the back I/O ports on the back of the board. I’m trying to figure out if I can you an old but unused AM1 cooler it’s about 50mm^2 x 30mm high Since I can’t use the case with the M2X expansion board I was figuring I’d try out that cooler. Alpine also made one for the Socket AM1 chips as well which is less noisy. I wanting to know how much thermal pad I might need if it doesn’t fit directly to the board

It’s 8mm from the board to the top of the back I/O ports if any on wanted to know or cares.

38mm is the tightest tolerance on that part of the board, but since it is metal, i’d say 36mm just to be safe and not touch everything and cause shorts…

That said, you can use a few copper shims of (36x50mm max) instead of thermal pads (10mm should be enough), adds weight, but wouldn’t matter if it is just sitting on a table…

I use the top cover to hold the fan to the top or it will fall out, there is nothing to screw the fan to

It is very quiet, i put the fanin the center under the khadas logo becasue it seems the most open for air intake

Well I’ve been there too :confused:

we were all there!.:wink:

Not how his is setup my mining cluster they aren’t but the just stand next to the cluster. I’d have to put them in a box and I just don’t want to.

I tried using all copper shims to mount a large sink to all the chips.

Since all the chips are at different levels i bought a pack of 8 different thickness from 2mm down to .03 15X15mm and just used different thicknesses to create a level platform for the sink to sit on.

Only problem is no way to secure it to the board. Zip ties didnt work to good lol

this is exactly what is called "extreme cooling":grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thermal adhesive is what you use when you don’t have a way to secure things. The AM1 cooler also used 2 clips to hold the heatsink in place. The clips had to be added and thus are removable meaning you can use the holes on board to make either a custom mounting system with a 3D printer or loop string through. Thermal grease will also form a good bound over time as well.

The other thing to point out is that a down force cooler will keep the other components cool just from it’s air flow. Another point is that keeping the heat out of the SoC will keep heat off the board. the board acts like a heat spreader it’s self

please note that those coolers are literally bigger than the SBC themselves, and also…
Since they are strapped on to it with some kind of jig we make, there is no telling how stably it will be able to sit on the SoC without moving around, hitting other components and conductive surfaces, causing all kinds of ruckus

That is true with the exception of glue. But, if you glue it down don’t count on ever getting it off again. The biggest issue in getting better coolers on the boards is that they don’t have the standard RPI layout. The other issue is the wifi chip it makes it an uneven surface.at least on the VIM series the edge is even with the wifi chip it doesn’t touch the ram but the ram doesn’t heat up much. The other issue is the terrible 5v fan’s they are hard to find, I’m not sure why we can’t have a 12V van especially with the power range that the board supports which is 5 - 20V. The pin header is fine. The PWM is fine but very pointless for these devices. The blower fan design that khadas uses is less than ideal with the fan sitting on the SoC rather than the over the memory and blowing across the fins sitting on top of the SoC. I’ve actually been using the old VIM cooler on mine for passive cooling. I’m going to upgrade to the lager passive cooler they have now though. I’ll have to see if can fit 2 3cmx3cmx1cm fans on it mounting will be pushing the fin together. This was used in some of the older coolers for Pentium 4 and the early dual core chips form intel.

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If we ever get a chance to overclock these in the future or something, i think the older vim heatsink that has the fins on the left of the board and the flat spot over the CPU the ideal would be mount a larger cooler to the flat area or glue it to the flat area.

The flat spot on the older heatsink might even be a good unit for water cooling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

VIM3 has gotten the first look at overclocking, so trust me that vision isn’t too far off…:smile:

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