Extreme cooling help

yes, otherwise, “addicts” will not leave alone


…and, I am one of those speed addicts,

What else can I say, I just want my VIM3 to be fast and snappy…

Okay I have flagged this addictive post, so the engineers can give more feedback. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you so much :blush:,
please remind them to give us Android and Linux overclocking capabilities…

To be honest im not ready to overclock EDGE or VIM3, those 2 boards just need IMO better roms.

With that Android 10 rom jumping the EDGE from 110k to 130K tells me that the software just needs more time.

I kinda thought the EDGE had reached its limit being how old it is and how long people have been tinkering with it but now im starting to wonder.

Ide rather try to clock the octa core VIM2

That has been discussed and attempted before, here

Besides, the VIM2’s package Temps are high enough to bake itself at the highest clockrate, It would cause a lot of instability,

The Edge and VIM3 are super stable with higher clocks, and the VIM3 is thermally stable, it is the obvious candidate for Overclocking…

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So we just had to make a YouTube video of our EXTREME cooling. :smile:


looks extreme, thank you guys

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Great video !, Looks cool :ice_cube: :snowflake:
(pun intended) :smile:

But I think just extreme cooling doesn’t make me tingle yet…
I need to utilize the temprature headroom for some higher clockrates…
any status on that Overclocked rom yet ?

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I’m worried about Rockchip there

Oh yea @Terry and @numbqq have noted your requests for over-clocking. You know they will need sometime to implement it. :smile:


many will be pleased with your information!

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Thanks mate, but I don’t think it was just my humble request, I just kickstarted the movement…

But I will give my thanks to Terry and Numbqq for their help :blush:

in this case, 100% be prepared for extreme cooling !!!


Yep, now is the time to put it to good use…:smile:

yes, especially after Khadas goes to the Guinness World Record!

I just want something like 2.6GHz even higher is even better , and set the governor to whatever gives me speed when under load and lower power consumption when in Idle…

I hope that people will not have more problems in this regard, this must be done as an additional setting, and not the main one

Yes, I want firmware that is readily unlocked for overclocking, I will harness it when it is neccesary…

perhaps by this time there will be other boards, more powerful