External usb wifi adapters don't detect

Hello everyone! I connect different external wifi-adapters to usb port Khadas VIM2, and Khadas don’t detection this. My OS is Ubuntu Mate. dmesg command detect only usb hish speed connection. Ifconfig don’t show interfaces. Please help

Hi, Kairat:
Basically, you need specify more details about:

  • The model of USB WiFi adapter and details
  • You can catch and post some log when you plug-in the USB WiFi


Hello my friend!!! Khadas VIM2 with OS Ubuntu mate, with wifi adapters rt 3070 and rt2870.
Log (dmesg):
new high speed USB device number 6 using xhci-hcd. Thanks!!!

It seems that to support your USB WiFi modules, you have to add the linux driver of realtek chipsets first.

May I know why you need use the external USB Wi-Fi module, as VIMs have onboard module.


i need two interfaces: for connect with khadas, and for link khadas with internet. How i can add this drivers to ubuntu? i trying compiling , but in repository khadas ubuntu i dont find linux headers.

Actually, VIM2 Pro & Max models features with RSDB Wi-Fi module, which support one band/mac for internet, and other one for AP.

It’s common method to add any drivers to Linux.

You should un-comment driver in defconfig and add it as module.

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please, tell me how i can do this?create driver files and add to my installed os ubuntu mate?Thanks

Just remove # in front of the line with needed wifi driver and set it like this MY_WIFI_DRIVER_NAME=m where “MY_WIFI_DRIVER_NAME” is actually name of wifi driver. Save defconfig and do “make proper” “make clean” and build kernel.