External USB Drive & Ubuntu on VIM3L

I’m using VIM3L-Ubuntu-server-bionic-Linux-4.9_arm64-V0.8.3-20200415.eemc and connected an external Seagate 5TB drive formatted as ext4. I originally could see this drive is lsblk, lsusb and fdisk.

I have this drive connected to a powered USB hub as the VIM3L can’t power it from the USB.

After mounting and accessing the drive, I added an fstab entry and rebooted. I can no longer mount the drive or see it via fstab or lsblk but lsusb can see the drive.

I’ve had this issue with the desktop Ubuntu distro also.

This turned out to be a power issue. I added a higher power adapter to the USB hub and resolved the problem.

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