Ext3 external drive

Could someone please help me with mounting external hard drive - I get this message (russian says it didn’t manage to mount):

and the syslog gives:

I’ve also put ticks on reveal and automount removable disks in settings.
Also when I reboot with that hard drive attached I only get a grey screen so I have to pug out USB-C cable.
No problem with FAT32 or NTFS drives occurs.

VIM Pro on Vim_Ubuntu-16.04_V170124

I’m new in Linux please forgive my lack of experience
I did look through the similar problem on a relevant forums

Is that external disk encrypted with luks or equivalent ?

Sorry, it seems like power was the reason, 0.5A is not enough for both Vim and 2,5" HDD. When over 2A everything works fine.
Mounted with LABEL= in fstab.