Ext. USB camera with Android 9 last Version

Hei together,

In another thread I described the problems with the OS08A10 camera with a 400 mm long cable.
For this reason I would like to use an external megapixel USB camera.
Can a megapixel USB camera be used under Android 9 VIM3 Basic + Pro board.
Are special drivers related to the camera hardware necessary for this?
The image does not have to be rotated, as we always work in standard portrait mode TS050 display.
We need the normal live image that we can display with our own Android program
in a window with an overlaid graphic.
The system currently works perfectly with the Khadas OS0810A camera, only the
interference with the long cable length prevents the use of this camera.

Does anyone have experience with USB camera, Android 9 and a tip.
Thanks for an answer and help.
Klaus from Norway