Expected shipping date?


What is the expected shipping date? I ordered more than 10 days ago but no update as of now. On the product page, it says “note: we will ship out the package before 31 Dec 2018”.


+1! I tried emailing hello@khadas.com also and received no reply :frowning: . Not what I expected on the Customer Service front, sadly.


I also had contact with Khadas, they told me it would be send out this week and the told me they were very sorry about the delay. Hoping to receive the shipment information this week… :grin:


Awesome! I personally don’t mind the delay as much as the lack of open communication :frowning:


I find it very strange they reacted to you in that way, to me the first to me to: please follow up. And after a few hours they told me my package was delayed and it would be send out asap. They even gave away a DAC cable (whatever that may be :slight_smile:) as compensation. What I found very nice of them, they also respond kind and quickely to me.


Hi, Guys, the Tone Board already ready for shipping.

Have fun!


Thomas, I thought you already have it…lol…Yeah, it’ strange that that everywhere was out of stock at the end of Nov. even ebay. I ordered on ebay second weeks of Dec.


Not a single reply to my emails. I’d say you were lucky.


Nope, still waiting on mine to be delivered.