Errors output without monitor

Good day, how can I get the information that appears when I boot (for example, errors) without connecting the computer display?
Maybe you can connect the touchscreen (3.5-5 inches)? if so, you can show a couple of examples with aliexpress, please.
if I’m not mistaken, in raspberries, some touchscreens are connected via 40-pin, are they compatible with Khadas?

Hi, Krian:
Which version OS you installed on your device?

VIMs not support LCD module, but you can still just some remote login tool like SSH or physical tool like Serial tool.

Have fun!

Yes, this option suits me.
OS - default android. I never started it after the purchase due to the problem of connecting the monitor via HDMI. Therefore, I wondered about the output of information without it. =)

That is, only displays connected through pins are not supported, and if the connection of a small display is via USB or HDMI, then everything should work? (example)

It will works for VIMs. Actually, it’s HDMI interface LCD module.