*ERROR* vop does not support AFBC

fred@edge1:~$ [ 269.066000] [drm:vop_plane_atomic_check [rockchipdrm]] ERROR vop does not support AFBC

Machine info:

Static hostname: edge1
Icon name: computer
Machine ID: 73a91dd121344da5b817e7032f73bb97
Boot ID: ba369142c4344a12a74761f8c7728924
Operating System: 8;;https://www.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS8;;
Kernel: Linux 5.16.0-rc2
Architecture: arm64

Noticed some other posts regarding vop error and running 4.4 kernel so not sure if going backwards is going to help. Any suggestions?
Pcie bus with NVMe on is hit and miss too, have to power cycle to get the NVMe recognized. Sometimes it fine and sometimes its not recognized.