Error at 99% when burn the lastest ubuntu

Same problem here. Flashed emmc with latest ubuntu, then error at 99% and vim3 does not start anymore. Different power supplies checked, no way to get it alive. No white light, no fan spinning. completely silent.

What works: go into maskmode… blue light flashes two or three times. That’s it.

Dead device?

Hello! you can attach a screenshot, as there must be an error in order to understand the reason.

Can you access the Krescue interface?

you can try the following, make sure that the Krescue version matches your vim, clear eMMC (Krescue), and try the installation again, make sure that vim3 is also provided with a 12V 2A power supply

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Krescure and usb_burn_tool which is you way to burn you images.


Just one more thing, @al383883, did you enable normal erase, or erase all ?

Sorry if I am late to post in this topic,

@al383883 since you are getting error at 99%, that is the part at which bootloader is supposed to be burnt, But it fails and is not loaded at all,

In that case, it is impossible to boot up if there is no boot loader to do the booting process…

@Frank can you back my theory ?

If I could suggest a solution, make sure the erase bootloader, and erase all, options are enabled :slight_smile: