Encrypt Android Pie

@Terry Can you add “encrypt” in the TvSettings?
Such a perfect device and ROM for our usecase, “just” this element is missing.

I found this on the android page regarding File based encryption for android 9. If anybody can guide me or tell me where to start, I’m happy to give it a try!

Hi together, I’m also looking for a ROM with encryption. Is there any update?

@MikesCo @MattNag We don’t add Settings application into our release ROM. Maybe you need to build the ROM by yourself. Thanks!

Thats very unfortunate! As we seen in the Test ROM you provided it works perfectly with VIM3. It seems as such a small but important feature to be made available in the official ROM but likely I just don’t know enough about all the implications :blush:

I tried build a ROM myself over the last 2 weeks but failed. My know-how of programming is just not good enough yet. As well, it would prevent the updates from official future releases. Maybe you can reconsider looking into it. Otherwise I will just wait for Android 11 release and go from there. According to source.android.com file-based encryption is required. Therefore the problem might solve itself with the official Android 11 release from Khadas.

@Terry what’s the reason to not add the Settings app?