EdgeV 4k60 video playback

Using Ubuntu LXDE, Kernel 4.4, i was informed that video drivers and the video decoder would work. That seems to be true. But with the video drivers with a quick little OpenGL ES application I cant even get 20fps playing 4k video (decoded from h265). I tested with just drawing purple color (through the fragment shader) to the screen and was only getting around 35fps. Whats the deal? Do I not have the correct GPU drivers installed? I should be expecting at least 4k60fps video playback right? I really want 4k 120fps since it can decode 4k 120fps 8bit. What am I missing here?

Can you share the name if the os you are testing it on and where did you get the image from?

I don’t think edgev have full stable vph support yet but it works with legacy kernel without x11

Maybe you should try using coreelec.

Using Ubuntu Bionic Beaver Kernel 4.4 LXDE. Build with Fenix.