Edge-V: Domain: Power management - How can I get all the power values and start/stop subsystem accordingly

Is there a way to

  1. watch all the power values like LiPo consumption and power consumption from all subsytems, (CPU, mem, ssd, bt, wifi, ir) for example using kbi powerwatch

  2. send it to /proc or /sys for start/stop subsysten like wifi, bt, SSD, USB, suspend CPU big cluster or little cluster cores, run on few cores, get cpufreq down to a minimum, and in case of emergency put the board in a failsafe mode emitting SOS with GPS or indoor coordinates for rescue.

  3. shutdown or wakeup portion of the board in case of power drain?

Tried upower, pm-utils without having a good experience

Here my use case:
Use Edge-V on a mobile chassis, use WoL for midwife board with OS, payload for mission injection. Detach from power pod by an Edge-V borne command. On mission, calculate waypath using SLAM and distance to next power pod based on power situation, energy consumption in (steering, interface modules) and use (future requirements) a PoE plug for recharge, discharge the board and simultaneously transmitting data to a remote database

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