Edge V cannot into upgrade model

I installed Ubuntu’s system on edgev according to the prompt, the first time i cannot enter system, so reinstall again, first step, erase flash, then upgrate firmware, but still cannot enter system。
I want use the other one system, but i cannot upgrate mode, key mode, TST mode, Maskrom Mode, all not work, the tools tip “No device found”

@jasonl @numbqq

@chrismayo Which firmware do you use and is it powered by an external power supply?

after many attempts, it is work now, and ubuntu system work, what is the default login password? @Frank

@chrismayo User and password both is khadas

ok, thank you! @Frank

@Frank ,uh, another question,why doesn’t the fan work? The previous Android system works normally. After the Ubuntu system is replaced, the fan doesn’t rotate :thinking:

@chrismayo You can follow this doc to setup you fan

got it! thank you @Frank