EDGE V - 32gb emmc. Not Boot

Hi @numbqq, @Frank i have a little bit problem whit my device. Khadas RK3399 edge v

I start the system whit an micro sd (16GB Trascendent) (10).
I start armBian bullseye last stable release armbian com khadas-edge
Whit this image i stated the system on my device normally.
after all update system i procede to install docker and home assistant supervisor (for vim 3 becouse arent present specific container for edge v ).
All system work correctly.
The problem Born when i use the command “nand-emmc-install” for install the system on emmc.
Now the device not make a boot. I try to flash firmware whit tool for install directly on emmc the SO i try Debian 10(compiled whit fenix), Ubuntu downloaded from the docs.khandas.com and android.
nothing the system not boot always. Black screen and not activity on ethernet led.

The button shortcat not work correctly.
Only maskmode accessible whit triple click on function button (and not work to first try. I need to make a lot of try for start the erase and update)

Long press Power button trigger a blue led fixed
Long press Power Button + reset button trigger a blue and red led fixed.
No white led and all state are red led fixed.
The system not enter on loader mode but only maskrom mode

dr ive.goo gle.co m/fi le/d/1 wGq 14wNleG LNpxL4 TKvvWuE -fZerhR 3S/vi ew

This is a backup of sd card

Hello @Working_with_Web

Could you try to use TST mode to enter upgrade mode and flash other Ubuntu image ?