EDGE+Captain + problem with power supply

When testing the latest versions of the 5.x core, I found that the EDGE+Captain (+ NVMe) bundle does not behave well when using the standard power supply (USB-C). The system starts with it, but when switching to the DE (GUI) display, it automatically turns off completely. I checked this on two copies of the kits and power supplies. The system starts only when using a 12-volt power supply via the 3.5 Jack. but even in this case, it behaves badly, at full load (when compiling projects), after a while the core falls into a panic (complains about memory). When using the same core (the entire system) on other rk3399 models, there are no problems, everything works stably. This same system on EDGE-V with a standard USB-C power supply starts and works with the GUI (I didn’t test the full load). I can assume that the problem is with DTB. I have previously regularly observed problems with EDGE when using the regular DTB from Khadas in the main core (especially the GUI DE work), but when using DTB from other models, the system works.

Question. @Gouwa @numbqq are you planning to update DTB EDGE-captain for the main core ?

Hello Oleg,

The type C CC chip FUSB302 is not configured, so the PD adapter outpu the default value 5.0V, maybe the power is not enough when add more peripherals. For legancy kernel, we configure the PD power to 12V. I haven’t test the mainline kernel FUSB302 driver, I’m not sure whether it works.


Hi Nick
It is in the kernel 5 and works (used on Renegade Elit).

By the way, RockPI 4B uses the same type of power and everything works without problems with NVMe and additional USB load equipment.