Edge Battery for VIM3

Is it possible to use the battery from the edge for the vim3 by replacing the connector with the Molex 78172?

Hi @fisch92
Actually, cannot.

But Iā€™m not quite understand the connection on your thought, can you specify more details on your such a crazy idea :smile:

Have fun!

The VIN of the Vim3 accepts 5-24V. The LIPO from Edge delivers 7.4V. If you solder the correct cables together, the Vim3 should be able to be operated with the battery. Conversely, charging the battery via the VIN connector is not so easy, right?

Yes, can but the thing is charging.

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Thanks, my battery arrived yesterday. The Vim3 works perfectly at 7.4V and the battery also charges at 12V. Is it safe to charge the battery at 12 V? Or is there a possibility that the Vim3 will ask the charger for a lower voltage?

this is very dangerous to use 12V charging. because the max charge voltage of 7.4V battery is 8.4V. When the battery voltage exceeds 8.4V and there is no overvoltage protection inside the battery,it may explode.

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