EDGE Android 10.0 V200709 Rom Release

Here release the Android 10.0 preview ROM, check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

Version(Beta): Edge_Qt_V200709.7z

  • MD5SUM: c7083a57cd20c927a4467738baffc280
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :


thank you for the good news!

Android Qt? Is This the Android 10 preview ? :open_mouth:

yes buddy, you guessed right

yes…However, Android 10.0, rockchip does not support Android TV :broken_heart:


I believe it is called Android Q, where did the “t” come from :thinking:

perhaps mo123 will create its own ATV ROM, it does very well!

maybe a “Test” version

yes, never thought of it that way,
good thinking :smile:

this is just an assumption, maybe Goenjoy will be able to clarify!

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According to a Wikipedia
“… references to “qt”—an abbreviation of “quince tart”, within internal files and build systems relating to the release…”

A little cryptic for my simple mind, I’ll stick with “10”. :grin:


Quince Tart?, the only “Tarts” I have have ever ate were “Pop Tarts” :laughing:

You know the Google Android crew cannot keep their minds off of sweet treats. They may not name them after treats anymore, but this reveals they are still thinking it. And who could blame them? :laughing:

Yeah, I agree, take a look at other companies, they too have their weird but ok naming schemes,

Intel => Kaby lake, Coffee lake, Comet lake… (No idea here)
Cannonical => Bionic Beaver, Eoan Ermine, Focal Fossa… (Probably animals)
Taco bell => extremo, supremo, dorito… (No Idea here either)

At the end of the day it depends on what they like, and how they want to stand out from the crowd…

Is “Android Device Policy” possible with this Android 10 release?

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Our firmware does not contain this APK. You can install it yourself.