Easily create your own Android Home Screen

A new version of DroidScript specially built for VIM can be found here:-


Want to write your own home screen for your Vim box? Well now you can do that easily. Check out the ‘Launcher’ sample at the link above. You could also try writing your own basic console games using the Vim’s remote control to move your character around (since it just sends keystrokes).

You can use DroidScript directly on your Vim with a keyboard and mouse, but it’s often more convenient to connect remotely to DroidScript by typing in the IP address of your Vim box into a browser address bar and adding the port 8088 like so:-

This way you can code from the comfort of your couch using a laptop :slight_smile:
(Note: You can get the Vim’s IP address from the About box of DroidScript)

Let us know on the forum if you need any help or find any issues