Dual screen support for VIM3

first, I like so much this board!, I have the VIM3 pro with MX2 expansion board + the 7" touchscreen.
I already tested several versions of OS (Ubuntu, Android TV, Android Pie, etc), I see the only system capable to run on HDMI+Touchscreen, is the last version of Android Pie for VIM3, ¿it’s possible to add dual-screen support to CoreElec?

CoreElec does not support the usage of the TS050,
as the required software is not in their firmware…

I believe TS050 is what you are saying as 7inch touchscreen…

Yes, is a TS050, I try with Android TV, CoreElec, Android nougat, etc
I only see that touchscreen works in on Android Pie, last version.
Also, in the AndroidTV version for VIM3, the touchscreen turn on, the “touch screen” capacity works (I can see the interface “moving” when I move my finger over the touchscreen) but the video is only noise.

which AndroidTV ROM did you use ?

TS050 is only working in Android( normal, Pie) and in Ubuntu 4.9…