Dual screen on kernel 4.9


I’ve got a VIM3 and a TS050 lcd panel. I would like to have a dual display on coreelec, in order to display a qt3gui on the lcd panel while running kodi on hdmi
After tweaking the DTS file, so far I’ve managed to display test pattern on LCD through sysfs. I don’t find any /dev/fb for the lcd only for the hdmi output
What is missing ? what is the status of this feature ?

@occip CoreELEC’s firmware does not support Ts050, nor does it support dual-screen display

Hello Frank,
I know it, I’ve recompiled coreelec and have backported some modifications from your git khadas-vims-pie branch ( drivers/amlogic/media/vout directory). Is there a git branch with working dual screen ? , at least I would to send display static content to the TS050 screen ( through framebuffer).


@occip I am sorry. There is currently no code support for different display on linux.