Dual camera in Khadas Edge

Dear everyone,

I want to use 2 cameras at a time, but Android 9 only allows to use 2 physical cameras. It does not allow to use of two logic cameras (front and back) at a time

So do you guys know what kind of dual-camera can plug into 1 logic port or show me how to use 2 cameras (front and back) at a time on android 9?

Thank you very much


Multi-camera application

SDK supports simultaneous multiplexing of cameras, rk3399 supports up to two Mipi plus multiplexing of USB cameras(Note USB bandwidth limitation for product design).
However, our hardware I2C design defects make it impossible to display two Mipi cameras at the same time.

这个Bug好严重, 你们官网上还显示可以同时接两个摄像头.


不然我要退货 :cold_face:


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