Driver error -wifi

Hello community :D

I’ve added a wifi driver to my source code, and it was successful… Now I can scan and connect to wifi.

The problem is that I can not do tethering ( ethernet to wifi AP), noting that Ap works fine without ethernet

Attached in my logcat : dogbin - grunamynaf

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what is your board ? vim3 or vim3l ,and what is the system? android 9 ?

yes it’s android 9 pie

@taimed there’s a question I’m wondering why you need to add your own wifi driver ?

@jasonl for practising and knowledge

The problem should be that there is something wrong with your added wifi driver

what could be ? I followed some of the realtek docs regarding adding wifi

hardware/wifi/broadcom/drivers/ap6xxx/bcmdhd.100.10.315.x ,this the normal driver code for vim3 android 9

now vim3 wifi chip is broadcom ,not realtek

I’m trying to add a realtek driver , USB


any help ? I really need it

I’ll take a look at this problem when I’m free, but it may take some time

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ok please keep me updated

still waiting … .

You use the rtl8822bu usb wifi module to connect to wifi ?can you take a picture ?

yes i’m using rtl8822bu usb (wifi 5)

this one:

this wifi module seems does not support Android system according to the webpage

Well, I managed to make it work. I can scan and connect to wifi. the only problem I have that i can not do the tethering (from ethernet to wifi). it seems that there is some missing configuration. (one of the usb vendors, official vendor, says in his website that this usb support Android)

now your board connect network by ethernet ,and you want the usb wifi molule become a wifi ap ? how you test it ? HotPot item in settings ?