Does stacking two VIM3L boards give double the processing power for video etc?

I’m thinking of purchasing a second VIM3L to stack on my existing one and I would like to know if that will give me double the processing power of a single VIM3L?

Thanks for any replies.


If you are thinking of clustering, the answer is a mixed one.

When we cluster 2 sbcs we are doing it for distributed processing the advantage being certain you have more processing power, but the way this power is distributed is dependent on your application.

  1. you must know your common desktop applications can not be distributed.
  2. Clusters must be managed by means of software which helps with scaling your application load.
    Eg. kubernetes, custom software etc.
  3. The performance gains are not linear, there will be slight performance losses due to bottlenecks

The target applications for clusters is (quite frankly) very small, eg. Running webserver applications, hosting, distributed computing/compiling.

So you must decide upon what your application is :slightly_smiling_face:

@Donanon I think this is how you do your own type, what type of application are you going to run?