DIY Case/Housing for VIMs


And can you tell us expected price?


Got the hole thing happening now :wink:


Very good, it would be nice to see a picture so I can get some more ideas. :slight_smile:


View the last of the original post, all will be seen :wink:


Is there news about the release case?


Fan still reminds me GeekBox :blush:


June 14: “will be release in two weeks”
July 20: more than 5 weeks have passed


Avaiable to purchase days ago, we still need to take photos and upload:


I’ve checked this thread and the main web site page.


Could you please clarify “Color: Transparent without Metal Plate” ?
Where the Metal Plate is located and what it stands for?


Yes, we still taking photos for DIY Case, can be ready next week, here I just take photo use my phone first:


More Photos here:


So it finally came and it looked amazing!


You don’t have LOGO part?


No, it did not arrive


It’s free samples, not you bought from Khadas Shop, right? :wink:


I will arrange the new shipment to you after the label deliver to our warehouse.
thank you.


I did not buy from the official store


Thanks, and please update me



I ordered the diy box red, what is the metal plate used, it is optional

thank you