DIY Case/Housing for VIMs

Poor VIM1 905x was feeling a bit neglected, as I pinched most the bits for the VIM2 monster
It was just a naked PCB, time for a a bit of Bling I feel.

As the Heat Sink was stuck on good I ultised the original Lid and Fan setup for now
Also slight reconfiguration to use New casing, I must say as much as I like the Coloured Cases,
I think the clear has that more Techo/Show off look that the coloured

So here we are in travel mode, plug it in and use it as is.

if we need to get to the GPIO for any reason pop the lid and all is easy to utilise
or can remove the cover, but for tone board, off with the LID.

Back view

Side View

Underneath, did not worry about steel plate, keeping the theme some clear feet.

Enjoy :smiley:


@Gouwa @willow

I recently purchased 5 cases for my Vims, along with 5 heatsinks. They look great and I love them, but one of the cases didn’t include a GPIO cover. Is there any way I could get one sent to me please?

Hello, I am taking in charge for this. I will message to you on aliexpress right now. Thank you and sorry for the mistake.

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Thanks Willow, appreciated

. :+1:

Used two cases and some VIM original case pieces to enclose the VIM2 + the mounted Tone board. I installed a few holes to help with ventilation. :slight_smile:

Hit a snag with the cutoff wheel and removed more material from the rear of the top section than I had intended. It is a thing like that, that caused me two order two of the clear cases to begin with.:rofl:

I will use different feet when I get some 40mm screws. The 45mm screws I’m using now are too long, I did not want to cut them.



what temperature and best for vim2 max

speed fan 1, it is a 45 to 52 °, when I watch video or iptv.

I put small wedges to raise the lid, the hot air escapes better.!



Hi willow

Package containing the GPIO cover arrived safely. Thanks again…

Hello All …

Anything in project regarding VTV and TONE boards cases ?
It’ll be great modular integration look :wink:

By all


Oo that’s smart! Okay we shall take note of that for future casing designs.

The 3705 cooling fan (Edge project) and New VIM Heatsink will solve this issue by flipping the air flow in the opposite direction, so that hot air can exit through the button gaps.


we must think of dismantling it and cleaning it with all the dust, like a computer.
I noticed under the fan, the fins etc, small brush very flexible.
what is the optimum operating temperature of s912?

thank you


Creative! I like that exhaust manifold.

@fred21 interesting that you placed the tape there, does it reduce the air noise?

In simulations, I found that covering the gap between the fan and heatsink, also improved the cooling efficiency.

Also, is that tape on the fins themselves? Or is that some shiny aluminium sheet?

yes reduces the noise. sticky aluminum foil.
video, in auto adjustment of the fan between 50 and 55 °.


You should try 4 small joints at this location

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Hey @fred21 which location? Sorry don’t quite get what you mean.


4 small O-rings, without tightening too much, do not crush them.

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Hi all ! …

To go on with my tunning mods for my VIM2+VTV+TONE in DIY-Case, here, inspired by fred21 cooling system mod…

Here I placed a sticky aluminuim foil to make a long lenght exhaust.
Fresh air is pulled by the fan and blowed through the covered heat sink.

At the exit I’ve put a flexibe piece of plastic label I’ve found on a brass plumbing fitting.

Vertical part of this ramp is maintained by the Wifi antenna to the side of the DIY-Case, the curved part is maintained by the heat sink itself.

Once the Tone-board in place, we can see clearly that the edge of the air exhaust plastic ramp perfectly channels the air outside.

See ya soon for another mod ! :wink:



I used some metalized tape too, but I worry about covering the fins completely. At least if the fan is set to other than always on… My thinking on this is the tape will resists passive heat transfer when the fan is not running.
I used the tape to force the fan air to engage the HS fins longer. I stopped about half way so some of the fins could work passively.
Mind you, it is just my theory, I have not proven it.:grin:


I thunk about that, but regardless of the setup of the fan,
if the ships temperature reaches the high level start set,
the fan will start and blows out the hot air trought the grooves.
It’ll do that more efficiency and so it’ll run less time than usual.

VIM2 is continuously running like that since two days in idle mode,
I think passive heat sink is doing the job because the fan don’t star more often.

I’ll be carefull about fan running/stop cycles when I’ll charge the VIM2 ships.