DIY Case/Housing for VIMs


Hi @Gouwa,

transparent color case is without metal plate but can metal plate be inserted in it?
Is it possible tu purchase metal plate only for transparent case?



Yes, already updated:


Hello, Am I correct in assuming on this page, that of the case options, first three, clear, red, purple come with metal plate. Fourth option is clear case without metal plate?


Yes, exactly :wink:

Seems it’s coufused, we’ve just updated the information:


why the case is not on gearbest available?


Should be available soon @willow


Hello, Gearbest is now on uploading process, thank you for your interest.


thanks for your reply.
Can you tell when it will be available on Gearbest. couple of days or 1-2 weeks?


Reçu aujourd’hui



Check Khadas YouTube Channel for installation guidance:


Pas eu besoin de la vidéo, il est monté comme indiqué


Does anybody know when the case will be available on gearbest?


is it possible to buy the case and the sink and the fan together?
it could be an interesting kit.
thanks to everyone for the photos and the continuous updates


Hello, Mattia. Thank you very much for your suggest. We have consider that before.
As the accessories are well packaged in warehouse. and DIY Case we have total 3 colors, and heatsink / fan. If add:

  1. purple color + heatsink + fan , we shall add transparent and red color in additionally, then we have to add more 3 SKU.
  2. with metal plate or without, ×3 kinds of color
    If that, our SKU will be more and not easily for daily arrangement.

thank you


The case is good enough, except for one thing: both the case and the heat sink have screw threads. One of them shouldn’t have it in order to keep the heat sink/thermal pad under some pressure.



Poor VIM1 905x was feeling a bit neglected, as I pinched most the bits for the VIM2 monster
It was just a naked PCB, time for a a bit of Bling I feel.

As the Heat Sink was stuck on good I ultised the original Lid and Fan setup for now
Also slight reconfiguration to use New casing, I must say as much as I like the Coloured Cases,
I think the clear has that more Techo/Show off look that the coloured

So here we are in travel mode, plug it in and use it as is.

if we need to get to the GPIO for any reason pop the lid and all is easy to utilise
or can remove the cover, but for tone board, off with the LID.

Back view

Side View

Underneath, did not worry about steel plate, keeping the theme some clear feet.

Enjoy :smiley:


@Gouwa @willow

I recently purchased 5 cases for my Vims, along with 5 heatsinks. They look great and I love them, but one of the cases didn’t include a GPIO cover. Is there any way I could get one sent to me please?


Hello, I am taking in charge for this. I will message to you on aliexpress right now. Thank you and sorry for the mistake.