Display issues : TS050 no landscape / no HDMI output

I have two problems in display.
I have installed Ubuntu desktop from Khadas.

  1. cannot change TS050 to other mode.
    The mode in ‘settings’ is stuck to ‘landscape’, but what I see on the screen is in portrait mode (short side up). When I try to change the mode in ‘settings’, it just bounces back to the original mode and nothing changes.

  2. no HDMI output
    If I connect TS050, HDMI does not work. In ‘Displays’ in ‘settings’, only one entry (TS050) appears.
    If I disconnect TS050, HDMI works fine. Is there any way to use both (either mirroring or extended)?


You can’t use TS050 and HDMI at the same time, you have to remove TS050 is you want to use the HDMI display.

https://www.khadas.com/vim3 shows


  • Multi-touch input via TP connector.
  • 1080P video output via MIPI-DSI.
  • 4K video output via HDMI port

There is no word that you cannot use two displays at the same time.
Furthermore you have to disconnect TS050 to use HDMI. This means if you put Vim3 and TS050 into a package, HDMI is dead.
Is this the limitation by design, or a software problem?

Android supports dual displays. For Ubuntu, has some limitations.